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About Us

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is working together with the local community to protect our wonderful marine environment so that it can be used and enjoyed not only now but by future generations.

Our full name is Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park and Reserve. Part of our 39 square kilometres is a totally protected area, while the rest is legally fished using non-destructive traditional fishing methods only.

How important are coral reefs to the local population and the world? The short answer: absolutely vital. For a longer answer, see here.

Where are we?

Shimoni, Kenya
(We are by the waterfront. Turn right at the T-junction in Shimoni village.)

Hawksbill turtle

More Information

We are open for business 365 days a year, although certain seasons offer better visibility for diving and snorkeling and/or more chances of spotting dolphins or a whale. There may be some days during the rainy seasons where the weather conditions make in unwise and unpleasant to visit the Park in a dhow. In this case your tour operator may cancel or postpone your trip or take you on a revised excursion in the sheltered Wasini Channel with snorkeling in the Wasini Community-Managed Marine Reserve.


Kenyan and international tourists are most welcome to come and see our marine wonderland for themselves. Please check out our Day Trips and Accommodation pages.

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Palette surgeonfish and friends

Contact Us

Facebook: KWS Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve
0723 929 766 (Office hotline 24/7)
0724 275 149 (Erick Aduda: Park Warden)
0724 535 370 (Mwinyi: Deputy Warden) 0724 242 990 (Roy Muga: tourism officer)

*** Shimoni often has problems with its mobile phone and internet network so if your phone call doesn’t get through, please try texting instead. ***