You may need to be aware of several different types of fees during your visit.  If you have come with a tour group it should be all-inclusive, with maybe the exception of diving, the slave caves, and some food and drinks.  The independent traveler may encounter the following:-

1.  Parking at KWS is free if you are going to the Park for the day but parking near the wharf may attract a 100/- fee.  However, if you leave your vehicle at KWS while you are lodging on Wasini or in the village of Shimoni, you will be asked to pay 200/- per day for the secure parking.
2.  Boat fee: The local boat operators’ cooperative has recently put their prices at 15,000/- for the hire of a large dhow for the day for up to 15 people (with the addition of 500/- per person for any extra people) and 10,000/- for the hire of a smaller dhow.
3.  Marine Park entry fee:
East African citizens: adults 215/-, children and students 125/-
East African residents: adults 300/-, children and students 170/-
Non-residents: adults $US17, children $US13
Annual Marine Parks pass: 10,340/- for Kenyan citizens and residents only
Day pass for the boat itself: 300/-
4.  Wasini Island Options:  lunch (starting at 1000/-), village tour, “Coral Gardens” and mangrove boardwalk.
5.  Slave Caves in Shimoni: 400/- for non-residents, 200/- for residents, 100/- for citizens, 30-50/- for educational groups
6.  Accommodation: see separate page.