Kisite / Wasini / Shimoni Fish ID

This page is under construction. If you spot any errors or can identify any of the un-named fish, please let us know via the “Contact Us” page.

Fish identification can be very tricky. Fish may change dramatically in appearance as they grow, changing not only their size but their colour, shape, pattern, and even their sex. Add to that instant changes in colour and pattern for camouflage or to show aggression or during mating rituals, and the whole matter becomes very complex. Let us look at some examples…

Some fish start life as females and a dominant female will become a male if the existing male disappears from the scene. Here is a wrasse family showing the dramatic differences in colour from juvenile to adult. In addition the adults can dramatically change their colour from almost white (over sand) to almost black (in a dark cave). For an example, see the Peacock grouper, about 10 rows of photos down this page.

Next, challenge your brain with some fish ID. These fish are all found in the area of the Kisite Marine Park and Reserve.

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