Here is a video of diving near Wasini Island.  You can see almost as much when snorkeling, as here.

And here is a video of the dhow trip with dolphin viewing, snorkeling at Kisite, and lunch at Wasini.  What they don’t show underwater, you can see in our photo gallery!
Many of the dive operators like Salama Marine Safaris, Coral SpiritCharlie Claw’sParadise Divers and Pillipipa offer “fun dives” where someone with no scuba experience can give it a go accompanied by a guide who will even hold your hand if that makes you feel more comfortable.  Here is a video of such an experience.
Now, this video is AMAZING!  It is not Kisite, but out from Mombasa, and most of the same creatures are found at Kisite.
Please let us know if you have any good video footage of Kisite to share with the world!